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Living Tradeshow improves tradeshow and event-related information and contact exchange by replacing out-dated methods and products with a simple-to-use software platform. Our premier product, LTSmobile™, utilizes smartphone and tablet technologies to provide tradeshow and event participants with a unique information exchange tool. Simply put, exhibitors and attendees use their smartphone and tablets to exchange and/or collect information on the show or event environment. LTSmobile allows users to utilize their OWN smart-devices in order to enhance their experience at a show or event.

LTSMobile is NOT just another mobile app. We offer two LTSmobile platforms: LTSmobile and LTSmobile PLUS. In addition to providing a customizable mobile homepage for a show or event, its patent-pending software design allows attendees access to an interactive exhibitor list. Mix in features such as live twitter feeds, social networking and customized homepage information, and you have an industry-leading solution. LTSmobile PLUS adds a powerful business development feature that allows exhibitors to exchange information instantly with attendees. Attendees collect albums of valuable information (video, literature, SHOW SPECIALS, instant contact links, web links) and exhibitors in exchange will receive contact information from the attendee. This MUTUAL exchange of information helps each party to improve their show experience by creating a business interaction. We believe that business development is defined as more touches, more interactions, and more follow-up, all which lead to more business transactions between attendees and exhibitors.

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